The Resurgence of Ohio’s Housing Market In 2016

According to a recent report from the Ohio Association of Realtors, Homes purchase were close to 151,600. This figure indicates a 7.5 percent rise compared to 2015. December sales in 2016 were 2.8 percent higher than they were in December 2015, though Northeast Ohio registered a drop. Listing-service data showed about 8 percent increase in the sales of previously owned and newly constructed homes in Northeast Ohio. On average, the sale price in 2016 was about 4.8 percent higher than they were in 2015. These gains can be attributed to robust job creation in 2016 and the relatively lower mortgage rates.

Despite the market realizing these gains, previously owned homes registered a subtle increase of 0.7 percent in December 2016.  Case in point, an existing home was going for as much as $232,200 in December 2016, which was a 4 percent rise from 2015.

An overview on Tammy Mazzocco

One of the most prominent Ohio real estate agents is Tammy Mazzocco. Born in 1968, Tammy began her career in real estate with The Edwards Realty Company, where she worked as a secretary. She later joined the Scotland Yard Condominiums, where she worked as a condominium manager for seven years. While there, the then general manager of Scotland Yard, Mr. Ken Cook, taught and encouraged her to pursue the real estate business.

In 1995, Tammy Mazzocco became a licensed real estate agent. She left Scotland Yard to become the multi-site property manager at T&R Properties. In 1998, Tammy Mazzocco moved to the Victorian Village of Columbus, where she became a licensed personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a successful real estate agent, and developer. Joe inspired Tammy to pursue real estate as a full-time career. Tammy Mazzocco currently sells residential real estate in Central Ohio.


New Brunswick Man Charged with Robbery and a Shooting While Already in Jail


It seems rare that a criminal already incarcerated for serious crimes is charged again while sitting in jail. This is exactly what happened to “Pistol,” “P-Gun,” Parysh Wood, 21, of New Brunswick, New Jersey. His nicknames come from an alleged gang affiliation. Wood has been sitting in jail for the numerous crimes of robbery, some of which he paired with Justina Hampton, 19, to commit. Robbing pizza delivery drivers seems to be their modus operandi. It was told to investigators that females from gangs would call an order pizzas and when the driver tried to deliver the food the male members would follow the driver outside and demand money and the pizzas while threatening them with a gun. This was what Wood was in jail for when the New Brunswick Police Department linked him to another robbery and shooting.

On November 30, 2012, Wood robbed a delivery driver at gunpoint at the apartment complex at Quincy Complex. Investigators reported that this area has been at the center of several gun related violence including robbery and domestic violence.  One of the men pointed the gun at the driver’s head and demanded pizza and cash. While the driver complied, he was shot and injured. An anonymous person is said to have transported the victim to the hospital, some say he was with the gunman at the time of the shooting.

Parysh was linked to the shooting when police went through cell phone records. After this new charge, he was held in the jail on $100.00. The other men had fled the crime scene in what witnesses say was an old minivan. Justina Hampton was also arrested for non-related robbery charges.