Lori Senecal’s Star Shines Once Again with Her CP+B Appointment

Chuck Porter, Chairman of CP+B, announced the appointment of Lori Senecal to the company’s Global CEO docket in 2015. According to PR News, the company had created the docket in March of the same year, in a strategic move to better position itself in the global market. As at that time, CP+B had eight global offices in Miami & Los Angeles in the USA, Copenhagen in Denmark, Stockholm & Gothenburg in Sweden, London in the UK, and Sao Paulo in Brazil. The company’s leadership saw the need of hiring an innovative and internationally connected person to serve as the Global CEO. With her unmatched qualifications, Lori Senecal got the job.

Lori’s Responsibilities at CP+B

When Lori Senecal took office, her job was well cut out for her. Her primary duties were to market the firm globally so as to enhance fast growth, to coordinate operations in the eight global offices, and expand the company’s global presence from eight to more offices. Lori was to work directly with the talented and experienced Chuck Porter, something that excited her.

It took Lori Senecal less than a year in office to oversee the completion of CP+B’s ninth global office in Hong Kong. Two years in office, a tenth office was opened in Beijing China. The office serves three global accounts, including Infiniti, Tencent, and American Airlines. In what would arguably be her biggest achievement, Lori played a key role in convincing the American Airline to advertise with CP+B, something the airline company had not done for over 25 years, revals Forbes.com. In a nutshell, Lori’s tenure as Global CEO is utterly glamorous.

Lori’s Career Path

Lori’s first job was at McCann-Erickson Worldwide, a company that made her president of its office in New York. Her star, however, shone when she left the company in 2009 and joined Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+) as the global head. She took up that position when the firm was operating locally, but by the time she was leaving, the company had grown to the international market.

Lori Senecal became the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network on 2014, a position she still holds up to today. She partners with all agencies affiliated with the company to oversee its long-term goals. Lori’s position at MDC earned her total compensations to the tune of over $1.8 million for the 2015 fiscal year. This figure is the total sum of her salary, bonus, stock options, stock, and other forms of compensations.

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The Work Of Alexandre Gama Reaches New Levels Of Success

The Brazil based advertising writer and executive, Alexandre Gama has spent a career pushing the global boundaries of the work he has been creating throughout his career that began as a simple writer with Standard Ogilvy in 1982. By the time Gama moved to the DM9 agency in 1990 his reputation had grown to such an extent he was given recognition as the most awarded advertising writer in Brazil during his four years with the company.

Alexandre Gama was not simply happy to remain one of the top advertising writers and executives in Brazil, but was instead working on his own career path that would eventually lead him to become one of the world’s leading executives known for his work in London and Brazil. In 1999, Alexandre Gama established his own Neogama agency where his success at the Cannes Film Festival continued with a Golden Lion in the company’s first year of operation. Gama himself has been a consistent fixture on advertising industry awards lists as a winner and nominee; one of the greatest honors yet bestowed on Alexandre Gama has been his placing on a list of the top seven advertising professionals in the history of Brazilian advertising as voted for by his fellow advertising professionals.

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Fabletics Making It Big in the Fashion Industry

How do you just claim a share in the fashion industry when Amazon already controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce? That’s the conundrum. The defining deal lies with how you brand your fashion products, the extent to which you embrace enterprise technology and more importantly how you maintain stable membership plans and customer base. That’s exactly what has elevated Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to a giant fashion brand with branches thriving all over the country. Growing to a tune of $250 million in 3 years is just remarkable.

Fabletics has initiated a subscription mechanism to engage their customer base. The subscription is premised on the ideal that in as much as customers fancy aspirational brands, it’s a combination of this market reality with convenience and customer membership that attracts a large customer base. Classy brands, customer appreciation and close interaction are hence the operating base in Fabletics.


In the current product market, brands are never valued by price and quality alone; this combination no longer guarantees market dominance or product success. It is rather finer details like last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design and gamification elements that apparently define high-value to the contemporary customers.

With their online membership subscription offering customers almost all they would rather gone to search for in the alternative fashion brand, Fabletics is just getting massive market returns. The company has more physical branches anticipated to be opened to add to the 16 that are already operational.


With outstanding product quality, the membership model has enabled Fabletics to provide personalized services on trend fashion at half the price of other competitors. But how do they manage to do physical stores differently?


  1. Encouraging ‘Reverse Showrooming’

Showrooming has been a perfect brand promotion initiative, but think of it this way; customers browse offline freely but then buy cheaper items elsewhere. Fabletics has managed this to the effect that at least half of the customers walking into their stores are already members. Almost 25% their visitors become members immediately they step in store. They’ve built stable customer relationships, making them greatly relied upon. Fabletics has reversed the showroom dilemma to their advantage.


  1. Establishing Sound Online Database

Online data is a major determinant of the success of your business. With accurate online database, you know customer preference and, thus, stock the physical stores with exactly what customers want. The stores are stocked based on membership preference, social media trends, store heat-mapping data and real time sales activity.


  1. Focus on Accessibility, People and culture

With online membership, accessibility is guaranteed as customer responses are always prioritized. The brands also depend on individual people and cultures. Thus, everybody gets what they want.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is a fitness apparel company that operates on a monthly membership structure. Outfits are recommended for members on a monthly basis with an option of skipping if the client doesn’t want to shop that month. With VIP Membership, you get great discounts and lower product prices. Pure quality, style, value as well as ideal customer services is what defines operations at Fabletics.