Working With Securus Technologies to Apprehend Criminals

I work on the fugitive task force, and my job involves gather information that will lead to the arrest of fugitive suspects. This can be very challenging work for a number of reason. The biggest issue that we encounter when we are trying to catch these fugitives is that they have a network of family and friends who either harbor or help the fugitive to transition to their new lifestyle.


To help me to bring these suspects to justice, I have to rely on modern technology and try to stay one step ahead of the suspects. These days, the suspects have developed a numbers of unique ways to blend right into the city they decide to stay. The only thing that we have going for us is that we can make many mistakes during the chase, the suspects can only make one mistake before they are caught.


Those of use who work at the local jail are familiar with Securus Technologies because they installed the new inmate communications system throughout. The training with the system and the LBS software has given us even more tools to help us to find these suspects and get them back into custody.


Utilizing the covert alert feature on this system, we have been able to bring many suspects into custody, and this case was no different. The suspect had been hiding in Mexico, but we knew it was a matter of time before he had to come home to his support network for more cash. The covert alert feature tipped us off that the suspect was going to be in the area, and we knew exactly where he would be going first.


The combination unique of our intelligence and the covert alert feature allowed us to safely apprehend the suspect and put a close to his long stretch on the run.


The History of George Soros

George was born on August 12, 1930, by Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz, in Budapest, Hungary. His father Tividar was an attorney who had a great passion for the promotion of Esperanto, a language developed in the 1880s. Soros family relocated from Hungary to England in the year 1947 after the Nazi-occupied Budapest. In England, he attended London School of Economics exposing him to the work of a philosopher named Karl Popper. Popper’s book, The Open Society and Its Enemies greatly influenced Soros activities. After graduation in the year 1952, Soros joined the London Broken Friedlander becoming proficient in international arbitrage which according to his definition involves buying securities in one country and selling them in another country. After four years at the London Friedlander, he relocated to New York where he worked as a stock trader on Wall Street. Since Soros had no intentions of settling in America, he had a five-year plan to make around $500,000 and return to Europe. However, his plan changed when he got work as a manager at the investment bank Arnhold and S.Bleichroeder Inc. Soros moved to Greenwich Village, New York in the year 1959, where early cultures of stirrings of counterculture had begun existing. Learn more about his profile at

George married Annaliese Witshak the following year that remained as his wife until they divorced after 23 years. Soros became a US citizen in the year 1961, and two years later, Soros and his wife had their first son. In 1980, he met a poet named Allen Ginsberg who opened Soros eyes on the benefits of drug legalization, which up to date has been Soros project throughout his career. He established Double Eagle Fund in 1969, for Bleichroeder with $4 million capital, including $250,000 his personal money. After four years, Soros and his assistant Jim Rogers created a private partnership named Soros Fund Management. It changed from Double Eagle Funds name to The Soros Fund, which later renamed to The Quantum Fund in 1979. By 1980, its value had grown to over $381 million, and by 1985, the value had increased to more than $1 billion.

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Being a philanthropist, Soros launched his first Open Society Foundation in 1984 in his country of birth, after the concept he learned from Karl Popper. In 1987, he opened an office in Moscow where he began to disseminate large amounts of money to different groups. Soros says that his spending rose from $3 million a year in 1987 to more than $300 million a year, by the year 1992. During that period, He established many Foundations across Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Today, his Open Society Foundations are active in over 70 countries in the world. George Soros created the flagship of the Soros Foundation network in New York City in the year 1993, which went with the name Open Society Foundations until 2010.

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The things you should tell your clients about social security-David Giertz

There is nothing that is more heartbreaking than seeing pensioners who have worked hard all their lives having to struggle to make ends meet. While there are some that might have landed in that situation because they did not plan well for their sunset years, there are others that work hard, but make mistakes out of ignorance and lose on the maximum benefits that they deserve. David Giertz, a president at the Nationwide Financial sales organization, is speaking out about the importance of having financial advisors who tell their clients all they need to know about the social security benefits at

In an interview that he did with the wall street journal, David Giertz talked about some figures that his company had collected after interviewing a sample of pensioners about their social security benefits. First, he stated that a third of all the retirees were receiving less than they expected they would be receiving. When asked why this was happening, Giertz explained that most people did not have any idea what factors affected the amount they receive as compensation on He said that up to 86 percent of the people had no idea what led to them receiving the amount they did.

The other factor that he felt complicated issues was that advisors find the topic tedious on The fact that 2,700 rules are surrounding the administration of the benefits doesn’t make the work of explaining any simpler.

About David Giertz

David Giertz has worked in the financial markets for the past 31 years. He was appointed to the position of senior vice president-nationwide financial distribution and sales at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company in 2013. David had worked in several other positions of power before his appointment to the current position. He has an office at the One Nationwide Plaza in Columbus Ohio. David is also FINRA certified stocks trader.