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A Hybrid World is upon us, and it’s here to stay. As the understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle expands and the need for more realistic training methods spikes, there has been a revolution in some areas of fitness. Athlos has helped many people attain better results with less time in the gym by incorporating functional training movements and weightlifting exercises, changing how people approach fitness.

The “Athlos Method” has been developed over ten years and through thousands of personal training sessions, focusing on understanding the body in a mechanical sense and improving physical capabilities. It combines traditional bodybuilding movements, unconventional exercises, calisthenics, and explosive powerlifting to be strong and athletic.

Athlo, training can be for everyone regardless of age, sex, or fitness level. It trains the nervous system to be responsive and efficient, creates muscle balance around joints, improves mobility and flexibility, and increases endurance. This is accomplished by focusing on single-limb exercises neglected in traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding programs. Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and certified personal trainer, has been training for about ten years and has been in the fitness industry for many years. Matthew Mansell has found that Athlos is the best program to teach proper form, balance, functional movement, and cardiovascular conditioning. Matthew Mansell has also worked extensively with elite players in the NFL and the NBA.

Athlos has been so successful with its comparatively new methodology. It completely redefined what a workout should be and continues transforming how people approach fitness by focusing on functional movement and developing functional strength. Athlos, training is the ultimate exercise in freedom and efficiency, making it an effective solution for home workouts and those who travel for work or pleasure. Home workouts can be effective yet complicated to organize and less convenient than going to a traditional gym.

According to Matthew Mansell, Athlo’s unique fitness approach allows people to train hard regardless of their environment, making this possible through its highly effective personal training sessions. The next fitness unicorn will be an effective and efficient fitness program, which Athlo has proven by creating great results with minimal time in the gym while accommodating all fitness levels. Athlo’s goal is to become the world’s leading exercise company for in-home workouts and group training, primarily focusing on functional fitness for the everyday fitness enthusiast.

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