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Immensa technology labs is a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge, technology-driven experiential learning opportunities for students in and around the United Kingdom. The company offers short-term, hands-on training opportunities in various disciplines to students who find it traditionally challenging to learn in a classroom setting. These programs are reinforced through practical exercises.

  1. Accelerating 3D printing in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based 3D printing startup aims to make it easier for UAE citizens and businesses to embed the technology. The startup is working with Immensa Technology Labs on a pilot workshop to introduce 3D printing technology and its potential applications in healthcare and education. Workshop participants will be able to learn 3D modeling, 3D printing hardware assembly, software configuration, usage and troubleshooting.

  1. Recognizing UAE AM Potential

Several recent surveys and reports confirm that student talent is a significant concern for the UAE. As a global leader in student experiences, labs are uniquely positioned to help develop and deliver educational programs that lead to employable skills. The company is currently working on projects involving both students and teachers to help them enhance their skill sets and provide opportunities for hands-on learning as part of a collaborative educational initiative.

3.Immensa Education Program

It offers a range of robotics workshops designed to give students hands-on experience with robotic technologies and teach them about programming, electronics, mechanics and artificial intelligence. The workshops will be open to students from middle school and up as well as college students. Further educational program details are still being worked out.

Technological innovations have allowed dramatic improvements in the ability to create models, making 3D Printing a desirable solution for the manufacturing industry. The growing number of companies adopting this new technology is now seeing its value. Recent analysis shows that 3D-printed parts and products can now be found in several industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to fashion and consumer goods.