Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

Alejandro Pena , CEO of PenaCo LLC, has responded thoughtfully and elegantly to the Green Spaces Initiative. Furthermore, his support strategically brings sustainable production methods to the forefront and provides a green space that we all deserve. By supporting these efforts, he has opened up possibilities for PenaCo LLC, which will benefit both the company and its consumers.

Keter’s support and involvement in the green spaces initiative are instrumental in setting the precedence for sustainability in our community. His support is one of many examples of how companies bring their positive efforts to the forefront, which has helped make these initiatives possible. As people, we all have learned about the importance of saving energy and conserving our natural resources since the 1970s.


Alejandro Pena has been instrumental in positively responding to the green spaces initiative. He has consistently brought awareness to the importance of our local environment, which has helped make this initiative possible. Keter’s support is both time-sensitive and beneficial to everyone involved, as it represents our power as people who can make changes at a macro and micro level.


Alejandro Pena is supporting the environment by providing facilities that will be sustainable for generations to come. He has provided a place where people can gather, have fun, and enjoy their time off from work. Furthermore, Keter has provided an area where people with disabilities can exercise and interact with other people. These environments are important to the employees who use them and the people who enjoy them. Although Keter provides these spaces, he is also helping others do so.

Supporting the environment is crucial, as it is a necessary component of our daily lives. By supporting Project Green Spaces, Keter has provided a place to have fun together, relax and exercise. Furthermore, Keter has also offered a place where people with disabilities can use the facilities he has built for them. Through these environments, we are all able to benefit individually.