Alex Hern: Advice and Experience in Technolgy

He is a man with many years of experience when it comes to getting involved with early-stage companies. Alex Hern has been the director, chairman, chief executive officer, co-founder and founder of a various companies operating in the technology industry. As of today, he remains as the top leader of the company and founder of his company called Tsunami. Hern has shared his experiences on how Tsunami came about and what drove him to discover the company’s overall concept. It was at the time when the technology world started to move away from the CUP-type computers and landed in the era of GPU driven machines that would eventually need software applications and new platforms.

The new computer eras brings about graphic procession that Hern says we now see in devices such as tablets and PCs. Hern has worked with various companies that have gone public. Few include Arcsight, a business Alex Hern helped co-found and worked as their director. The cyber security company caught the eye Hewlett-Packard and it was sold in a public auction for up to $1.5 billion dollars. From there, Alex Hern took his skills to Cloud-shield, a well-known network security company bought by SAIC, another big engineering and technology firm that focuses on specific commercial and government projects. In addition to that, Hern stayed in the game and found two businesses by the name of Triton network systems and

Alex Hern takes his business dealings seriously by taking the time to concentrate and focus on how to better improve his company way into the future. He doesn’t hesitate to share how he takes 4 to 5 hours a day to allow his creativity to flow and generate ideas. He also shares his opinion when it comes to multitasking stating it doesn’t benefit us because when one tries to do too much at one time it takes away from their performance.

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