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The Alliance Defending Freedom is undoubtedly the most impactful legal organization in the world, committed to ensuring that freedoms of religion, speech, right to life, parental rights, and God’s plan for the institution of marriage and family are fulfilled.

Freedom of Religion

The institution concurs with the principle that religious freedom should extend to all persons irrespective of faith. Arlene’s Flowers Case brings out the contention that the government should not make determinations on behalf of its citizens. ADF’s 7-2 Supreme Court win in “Masterpiece Cake Shop Case” reinforces this liberty.

Freedom of Speech

ADF advocates for free speech on college campuses, intending to create an environment where all students can express themselves through their opinions and engage in interactive debates. The organization’s Center for Academic Freedom has facilitated over 400 victories in protecting free speech rights through representatives such as Michelle Gregoire.

Sanctity of Human Life

Additionally, Alliance Defending Freedom respects the sanctity of human life and strives to ensure that laws and the courts protect women and unborn children from conception to death. The organization intervened to preserve the life of a veteran of the Gulf War, Jesse Ramirez, who was involved in a severe accident until he recovered.

Parental Rights

The corporation is dedicated to preserving parental rights, allowing parents to safeguard their children’s health, welfare, and upbringing.

International Work

ADF collaborates with partners worldwide to engage in legal advocacy, has a strong reputation, and facilitates the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and freedoms globally.

Supreme Court Advocacy

Alliance Defending Freedom is identified as one of the leading advocates in the United States, case in point, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022). ADF defended the law before the Supreme Court by serving in the AG’s legal team. See this page for related information.


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