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Aspire to Inspire

If you have ever visited any Pinnacle Hotels facility, or happen to be an employee within the large hospitality umbrella, then you know Dr. Barry Lall, the CEO of the Pinnacle Hotels. According to many that know this experienced CEO, he is a strong believer of education or the wit of each of his employees. Barry Lall says, “Every employee is important. It is an advantage if you have an educated employee because the employee knows how to treat each client that walks into the business.”

Mr Lall is an experienced hotelier although as a young man, he did not think even a single day that he’d shift his interest into the hospitality industry. Before migrating to the U.S., Dr. Barry Lall had stayed in different countries. The first country Lall lived was Malawi, which by that time was referred to as Nyasaland. After staying in the East African country for several years, Barry Lall would later move to Europe where he took a medical degree from a university in the United Kingdom. His employees at the Pinnacle Hotels say Lall is passionate about teaching each of his workers to know how to fish rather than providing them with the fish itself.

Upon landing in the United States of America, Dr. Barry Lall sort to try a different thing than what he studied when at the United Kingdom. After making commendable strides in the initial years, Lall realized his potential in investing in the hospitality industry. It is now over 30 years that Dr. Barry Lall has propelled Pinnacle Hotels in a reputable industry player with now more than 1,700 keys throughout the United States. In a recent interview with one local paper, Barry Lall confirmed that it is never an easy thing to do business but with the right motivation and the cooperation of the people around you, it is possible.

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