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Owner of San Diego-based Hughes Marino, LLC. Jason Hughes began his career working at Cushman and Wakefield in the 1980s. He then moved to look for greener pastures in San Diego, where he worked for large non-profit cooperatives and the municipal council tenants during their lease and purchase. Jason Hughes worked there for more than 25 years. Jason Hughes and his wife are widely known as the most influential couple in the commercial property industry. 


Being the market leaders and most people looking up to them, they strive to provide top-notch services to their clients. It has created a positive image of their company and a good rapport with clients. The successful businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hughes and his Wife Shay are the pioneers of the broker Dual Agency Disclosure Bill which promotes the tenant and buyer representation transparency.


The bill is also referred to as SB 1171, became law in August 2014 and was signed by Governor Brown in August 2014. As Jason Hughes states, it became effective on January first the following year. The state law pushes transparency and fair dealings for all commercial tenants in California. The bill makes for any transactions to be communicated in writing, especially when working with brokers representing landlords and their tenants.

Jason Hughes has done transactions worth millions in a square in leases and purchases. He is highly experienced in negotiating costly leases, purchases of condominiums, office spaces and hotels, to mention a few. Jason Hughes has also been involved in the negotiations of one of the largest leases in San Diego. Such negotiations made him a renowned commercial realty expert.