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Alliance Defending Freedom is an organization that was started in 1994, as Alliance Defense Fund. This organization was started by Christian leaders, but they have also helped members of other faiths. This includes Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Muslims. They have also defended people who are non-religious. Additionally, they have worked with people from different political backgrounds. This includes conservatives, libertarians, pro-life people and conservationists.

Alliance Defending Freedom does work in and outside of the United States. They have helped people outside of the United States with issues such as genocide against various religious groups. Religious freedom is of the utmost importance to this organization. They believe that people of faith and those who do not have a religion should have the same rights and liberties.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a strong advocate for free speech. They believe that people have a right to express their ideas. They also believe that people have the right to debate topics that they feel passionate about it.

The Sanctity of Human Life is something else that this organization is an advocate for. They believe that it is important for laws to be put in place to protect women. They also believe that it is important for every life to be protected and valued from the womb to the tomb.

Alliance Defending Freedom fights for the rights of parents. They believe that parents are the ones who know what is best for their children and have the right to raise them as they see fit. This organization also believes in the sanctity of marriage and protecting the institution.

Additionally,they have partnered with other organizations in different countries such as the European Court of Human Rights and EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. In addition to fighting against religious genocide, they also fight for religious freedom and free speech in other countries. See this page for more information.


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