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Andre Des Rochers is a New York and Beverly Hills-based sports and entertainment lawyer. He is a Granderson Des Rochers, LLP founding partner. The firm is among the most diverse in the entertainment law sector specializing in structuring, negotiating, and executing transactions for clients.


They have clients in the film, music, and television industries, including fashion, live event, music publishing sponsorship, podcast, endorsement, and light media deals. Andre Des Rochers specializes in television and film transactions, representing a broad group of actors, writers, producers, and directors in high-profile deals. 


He represents many clients, some of whom have been nominated for or won the Golden Globe or Academy Awards. Some of the most popular clients he has worked with include J Balvin, Nicky Minaj, H.E.R, Ne-Yo, Young Thug, J. Cole and Asap Rocky. André Des Rochers has also represented with huge success Harvey Mason Jr., Timberland, and Bernie Taupin.


In addition to the firm Granderson Des Rochers, Andre Des Rocher has worked at Gray Krauss LLP. He has negotiated deals for some of these clients with companies like McDonald’s, Fortnite, UMG and Gucci. While there, he focused on music, television, new media, and film, representing writers, directors, producers, and production companies. In 2009, he was promoted to a partner in the firm after Evan Krauss.

In addition, Jonathan Gray attended Sundance as counsel to 12 firms attending the festival and production counsel. Before his job at the firm, Andre Des Rocher worked at Shearman and Sterling LLP, a multinational firm. While there, he focused on corporate transaction law. Jonathan Gray, the co-founder of Gray Krauss LLP, commended Andre Des Rocher for his amazing transition from corporate law to entertainment law, where he has become one of the best around New York and Beverly Hills.