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Andrew Frame is a global entrepreneur and visionary that recently released Citizen, a software that merges targeted location information with core intelligence from 911 operators to create a revolutionary new path to safety across the globe. He founded his first company at just 15 years old and then become one of the youngest team members of Cisco Systems at age 17. He was also the youngest person to ever receive the prestigious dual CCIE Certifications while working at Cisco.

Citizen App came about as his vision to ensure that his next project would leave a positive footprint on the world. He wanted to improve the world and found that through developing Citizen and providing a new level of safety. As an entrepreneur, Andrew Frame brings his idea to life by surrounding himself with team members that are just as mission-oriented as him. He’s also not shy to say that he is passionate about hiring people who are smarter than him in certain ways, always keeping him on his toes.

In his recent interview with Idea Mensch, Andrew Frame shared some of the key learnings he has found during his career. These include embracing and finding new hobbies, surrounding himself with a strong team of driven individuals, and always taking feedback from the users of any product very seriously. He kicks off his days at 7 a.m. and spends his days highly focused on continually moving to grow his business and come up with new ideas to succeed.

He also shared that he finds a great deal of inspiration from continually reading books that inspire him, whether they are focused on technology, business, or even poetry. He encourages aspiring business leaders to not shy away from their passions outside of their work. For Frame, that includes a newfound passion for ballroom dancing that he took up during the pandemic. See this article for more information.


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