AvaTrade Review of This Exciting Trading Opportunity

Novice foreign exchange traders are eager to get started, and that’s good once they’ve learned how to make money in the forex markets. They need to test out their systems and also learn how to keep their own emotions in check so they can pull the trigger on their trades when it’s time to get in, and get out fast when it’s time to get out. This mental and psychological discipline is necessary.


But these traders also need a dependable broker. The wrong broker can set destroy a trader’s career either by simply being a scam or by making profitable trading too difficult. And, because forex trading has seen its share of dishonest brokers, novice traders are correct to do their due diligence before entrusting their money to a broker.


Therefore, all traders should pay attention to the review of the broker AvaTrade published by FX Empire on their site. AvaTrade was started in 2006 under the name AvaFX. It AvaTrade specializes in forex, exchange traded funds, Bitcoin, stocks, commodities, market indexes and bonds. They now have over 200,000 accounts for traders all over the world. They execute over 2 million transactions every month, usually amounting to over $60 billion in value. They have a multilingual support staff who are available around the clock during the five business days of the week. They’re spread out over 34 countries.


AvaTrade was one of the first forex brokerages to offer Bitcoin trading services in the United Kingdom, going back to 2013, before most people had even heard of Bitcoin. Every account holder qualifies to trade the cryptocurrency. AvaTrade offers many promotions and deposit bonuses to encourage traders to get started. As with all their trading, they focus on providing customer service and educating traders how to profitably trade the markets.


You can start trading Bitcoin with a deposit as small as $100. They accept many forms of funding, including Neteller, credit cards, Webmoney, debit cards, Skrill, Pay Pal and more. Because Bitcoin is so volatile, they offer 10:1 leverage. That is, you can trade contracts worth ten times the amount of money clear in your account.