Big Change is Coming in Beauty with EOS Lip Balm

The last time you shopped in the beauty aisle, you may have spotted colorful tiny balls that had “EOS” on the label. These attractive hues are not the only big attraction for those who need lip balm, but the smoothness of the product itself has women talking. EOS is perhaps the first brand to start a conversation specifically about lip balm. While it is has become a hot topic for beauty bloggers, you should know why this brand is finding favor with so many ladies. What’s the big secret of the brand?

The founders invested their time heavily in early market research, quickly noticing a profound issue with the market in lip balm. Teller and Mehra, the founders of EOS, noted that all lip balms seemed to be the same. The most noticeable issue is that there was nothing specifically designed for women. Their approach is simple; why not ask the consumer what they want and what they need in a lip balm? Putting this together with further research and development, the two men were able to find the loophole in the market for lip balm. Launching their product in 2007, the brand of EOS has now become the first choice in the beauty aisle for many women.

Focus groups were called upon for clues as to how to make lip balm just for women, and why they wanted something specific. Some of the most common complaints were the difficulty in finding the lip balm in their purse when they needed it most. The colorful orbs would be easier for women to locate in their hand bags, especially when their handbag is full. The design quickly became the focus of accomplishing creating the best lip balm on the market. Packaging was second in line, mandating a very specific design to be one of the most attractive aspects of EOS.