Customers at Securus Technologies Speak Out on Service Delivery

Securus Technology is reputed for providing detainees with communication equipment. Apart from this, the company also offers information management assistance and parolee tracking solutions to penitentiaries. Securus Technologies currently serves over 2,600 facilities and approximately one million inmates in the US.


Securus works to ensure that innovative solutions are offered to the penitentiaries and that there is flawless communication between inmates and their loved ones. Securus is located in Dallas and has regional offices in some parts of the country. In 2016, Securus reported that its investments in the last three years in patents, technologies and acquisitions all at a value of over ‘$600 million.




Securus, a company operating in the prisons technology industry was started in 1986. Its chief executive is Richard Smith, successor of Richard Falcone. The merger of T-Netix and Evercom gave rise to Securus. These two leaders in the correction market merged in 2004. In 2007, Securus acquires ‘Syscon Justice System’ a market leader in the area of ‘offender management systems’.




Securus introduced a way to detect and limit contraband cell phones in prisons. Securus’ ‘management access solutions’ was approved in over five correctional facilities. In 2016, Harris Corporation and Securus worked together on ‘cell defender’ initiatives. The company later, in 2017, released information about ‘wireless containment solution’ that had been made to deter contraband mobile phones from accessing mobile networks.


Comments on Customers about Technology


The technology by Securus has been used to fight and prevent crimes as is reported by many of the customers. The investigative capability of the technology put in place along with the ability to trace transactions have been cited as the major delivery areas for most of Securus’ customers.


A customer was glad that through the use of Securus technologies it was possible to apprehend a staff member in the penitentiary who was introducing contraband. Information gathered from the phone calls was enough to get a search warrant to unearth the contraband stash.


Another client says that it became possible, using Securus technology, to monitor calls relating to inmate use of alcohol, money transfers, drug sale and threats or attacks in the correction facilities.


Another penitentiary was glad to say that it had relied on the technologies of Securus for many reasons. Again the correction facility mentioned that through Securus technology, security had improved considerably.


The covert alert feature, which Securus has for enhancing security, was praised by one client who said they were able to apprehend the suspect they sought for a long time.


Securus’ LBS software was praised by customers. The sheriff’s department was among those full of praise as it was possible for the department to stolen assets, drug money and even drugs. This technology, along with the ‘Investigator Pro’, works well in penitentiaries across the country.

Working With Securus Technologies to Apprehend Criminals

I work on the fugitive task force, and my job involves gather information that will lead to the arrest of fugitive suspects. This can be very challenging work for a number of reason. The biggest issue that we encounter when we are trying to catch these fugitives is that they have a network of family and friends who either harbor or help the fugitive to transition to their new lifestyle.


To help me to bring these suspects to justice, I have to rely on modern technology and try to stay one step ahead of the suspects. These days, the suspects have developed a numbers of unique ways to blend right into the city they decide to stay. The only thing that we have going for us is that we can make many mistakes during the chase, the suspects can only make one mistake before they are caught.


Those of use who work at the local jail are familiar with Securus Technologies because they installed the new inmate communications system throughout. The training with the system and the LBS software has given us even more tools to help us to find these suspects and get them back into custody.


Utilizing the covert alert feature on this system, we have been able to bring many suspects into custody, and this case was no different. The suspect had been hiding in Mexico, but we knew it was a matter of time before he had to come home to his support network for more cash. The covert alert feature tipped us off that the suspect was going to be in the area, and we knew exactly where he would be going first.


The combination unique of our intelligence and the covert alert feature allowed us to safely apprehend the suspect and put a close to his long stretch on the run.