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Colcom Foundation is one of the main financial supporters of environmental and conservation organizations, notably the World Wildlife Fund. This non-profit organization has protected over a billion acres of land in the United States and other parts of the world. They have very strong alliances with companies within their sector, including Mountain Equipment Co-Op, an outdoor retailer in North America.

Colcom Foundation was established with very strong ties to both the paper and the pulp industries, which were very important to the Colcom family’s history. They also have a very strong connection with the outdoor recreation sector, thanks to their support of Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC). Their main goals are to provide monetary funding for conservationists and other organizations that help protect our natural environment by conserving land or saving endangered species from extinction.

In the past few years, the Colcom Foundation has been aggressively going after land developers and other organizations, just trying to further their financial interests in an environmentally irresponsible way. They have forced or strongly encouraged them to change their plans or be taken to court. In addition, they encourage local communities and other interested parties to participate in this process by pairing them up with one of these conservationist organizations.

To receive the support, they need to protect the environment, conservationists have been given set criteria on how they must proceed to be a good fit for Colcom’s standards.

To be considered by Colcom Foundation, an organization must have some measurable impact. It means that someone can say that their work has helped increase the protection of endangered species or natural habitats for animals, plants, and other life forms. The organizations also have to provide data and proof that these goals are being achieved before receiving any grants or financial support and before they will be allowed to participate in conservation projects themselves. See related link for more information.


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