DAMAC CEO Hussain Sajwani Shows Off What Can Be Done In Dubai

As nations grow, they often need to have space for people to live. Residences and travelers alike need to have the right living space when present. One person who knows the importance of a great space is DAMAC CEO Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani has spend much of his life in Dubai. As such, he knows the entire area well. He loves Dubai and wishes others to share his love of this area. In order to help facilitate the process of providing housing and making this city even more wonderful for those who live here, DAMAC CEO Hussain Sajwani is proud to announce that his company is opening a new property. Rěva Residences offers many amenities. Centrally located in the beautiful community of Business Bay, Rěva Residences offer one and two bedrooms that people can enjoy right next to the canal. This makes them perfect for professionals of all backgrounds. Both singles and couples with families can take advantage of this major opportunity. Each will find something truly special right here in Business Bay today.


Lush Parks

Under the direction of DAMAC CEO Hussain Sajwani, the area is being transformed. His own background includes several years in the United States where he was privileged to attend University of Washington as well as operating a catering business. Today, DAMAC CEO Hussain Sajwani is at the helm of this latest venture. His new resident makes an active lifestyle possible for all who want to embrace it fully. The new residences include many private areas for residences to enjoy such as landscaped gardens and a lush courtyard. Residents can also take advantage of many other amenities including a lively area where children are welcome to stay. With his help, people are expected to flock here for the chance to be part of a community. Community members who love to work out can also take advantage of other amenities in the area. For example, there’s a large onsite pool that allows people to take a dip or spend hours relaxing in a temperature controlled space. This is a great way to get lots of wonderful exercise.