Diversifying Portfolio’s And International Relationships Is Where Gareth Henry Shines

Gareth Henry has spent a lot of time as a director of International investing relations, working for Fortress investment Group up until 2015 and now for Angelo Gordon in the present. He has become a financial expert in many areas and has a keen priority for diversifying portfolios for his clients.

As far as his academic career goes, Gareth Henry studied at the University of Edinburgh, which is a prominent college in Scotland that is known as one of the six ancient universities. He graduated from this prestigious institution with a degree in actuarial mathematics. His initial focus was accounting, but he thoroughly enjoyed his understanding of economics and finances with his mathematics knowledge. This inspired him to change his focus and instead, he became an investor and financial expert while working his way up from Schroders, a multi-national asset management firm that has been in operation for more than 200 years.

This position at Schroders opened up many financial doors for Gareth Henry and he was able to take up a position at Fortress Investment Group, which he had to relocate to the United States for. Despite this, the position for Gareth was an excellent move forward in his career. He was able o make an impact on the company on an international level and he increased his reputation in the corporate world. For his position as the Head of International relations on multiple occasions, firth with Fortress and now with Angelo Gordon, Gareth has become a sought-after financial figure after just over a decade of climbing his way up.

It is always Gareth’s goal to build relationships off of mutual interest when it comes to his clients or his company and his efforts are relentless. Although Gareth Henry is steady with his position as an international investor relations expert, he has become more interested in current market trends for investing, such as cryptocurrency and private equity.

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