Dr. David Samadi: Prostate Cancer Expert

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer was diagnosed in 161,360 men in 2017 and Mitt Romney was one of them. The former presidential nominee also joins politicians John Kerry and Colin Powell, all three chose to have surgery to treat their prostate cancer. The Fox News Health Contributor and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital Dr. David Samadi thinks his prognosis of being cancer-free is good. Dr. David Samadi is a member of the American Urological Association.

60% of men are 65 or older when they are diagnosed with prostate cancer with an average age of 66. In 2017, Mitt Romney turned 70 in March. Patients who chose surgery over radiation are 1.5 times more likely to live longer after diagnosis.

If the cancer is localized in the prostate after initial staging is complete, Dr. David Samadi recommends having surgery over radiation. Studies have shown that if the disease is contained to the prostate, patients are more likely to have a better outcome with surgery rather than radiation. He created the SMART technique using the da Vinci robotic surgery equipment. SMART stands for the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. With his system, the incisions are smaller and healing is faster with a smaller chance of complications like infection and bleeding.

A big concern with radiation is the chance of developing secondary cancer like in the rectal or bladder. Unfortunately, in this situation, once cancer has spread there is only a 30% chance that the patient will survive longer than 5 years. Patients who have radiation and not surgery are also twice as likely to die from cancer.

Dr. David Samadi attended Stony Brook University of New York’s School of Medicine after earning a bachelors in biochemistry from the same University. He had fellowships in oncology and prostatectomy from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

At Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr.David Samadi is also the Chief of Robotic Surgery and has been with the hospital since 2013. He has performed almost 8,000 surgeries and he moved his entire team from his former hospital to Lenox Hill. Prior to Lenox Hill, Dr. David Samadi was the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center. His first position was at Columbia Presbyterian as Director of Laparoscopic Surgery. Before becoming a surgeon, he also had training in urology and oncology at Henri Mondor Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center.