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Edgard Corona, the visionary entrepreneur and co-founder, and CEO of Smart Fit, has spearheaded a fitness revolution across Latin America. This chain of gyms and training studios has not only become a business phenomenon but also a lifestyle choice for many. Before Corona entered the market, gym attendance was relatively uncommon. His revolutionary business model showed customers that they didn’t need to spend hours exercising to achieve their dream bodies.

Corona’s journey began with his studies in Chemical Engineering, a branch of science focused on how one thing can be transformed into another under the right conditions. As a teenager, he channeled his passion for entrepreneurship into the fashion world, learning how to cater to customers’ desires and deliver efficiently. However, his life took a turn when he had a skiing accident in the 90s.

While undergoing extensive physiotherapy, he had an epiphany to create a better kind of gym. In 1996, Bio Ritmo Academy became a place where athletes gathered to learn about techniques that could take them further and faster than they had ever imagined.

At every step of the way, Edgard Corona prioritized the customer experience, regardless of who chose to join his clubs. As Bio Ritmo grew, he realized he didn’t want to lose customers for any reason, which led to the birth of Smart Fit in 2008. This expansion was fueled by the desire to help everyone get fit, including those not at the top of the income bracket.

Edgard Corona’s expertise has grown over three decades in the industry, with a focus on refining his business model. He was passionate about making adjustments that would conserve resources and offer more to his customers. A streamlined management approach would not only save money but also enable expansion to new locations without creating more problems than solutions.

To address some of these complex issues, he sought insights from other professionals who could offer different perspectives. It is this blend of determination, leadership, and humility that has led to incredible growth in the Latin American fitness landscape, positioning Smart Fit as a leader in the segment outside the US and the fourth-largest globally.