Enhanced Athlete Negates Negative Claims by Nutrition Distribution

To be a competitor in the health and fitness industry can be quite daunting, but especially when competing companies try to take you to court for false claims. Late in 2017, Nutrition Distribution accused Enhanced Athlete of false advertising and this false advertising affecting their sales. Sorry, Nutrition Distribution, but like many supplement claims Enhanced Athlete attempts to debunk, you were debunked as well. Enhanced Athlete proved to a judge in California that these claims were just what they accused Enhanced Athlete of…false.

Nutrition Distribution is on the attack of other fitness and supplement companies, and for some reason, Enhanced Athlete attracted their attention. CEO, Scott Cavell stated that Enhanced Athlete would not be the victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme. Cavell seems to be on to something. Enhanced Athlete was one of 70 lawsuits brought by Nutrition Distribution, their feeble attempt at blaming other companies for their poor supplement sales.

It seems that in the wave of health and fitness businesses rising, Enhanced Athlete has attracted a target. It is possibly the result of Enhanced Athlete’s strong desire to improve the health, strength and fitness goals of their clients. The founders pride themselves on honesty and improvement and admit that their supplements work best with the nutrition and workout plans also provided. Enhanced Athlete does not focus on massive gains with no work. Their partner company, Enhanced Coaching encourages clients to sign up with a coach to develop a meal, supplement, and workout plan that will give them the results they want and Enhanced Athlete advertises.

The real target on Enhanced Athlete’s back may come from their unique way of approaching massive gains and those that want to show them off. Not only does Enhanced Athlete have a partner company in Enhanced Coaching, they also have another partner company, Enhanced Gear, that really lets elite athletes show off their stuff. From tough catchphrases to the fabrics athletes want to wear, Enhanced Gear has a little of it all. It’s enough to want to take Enhanced Athlete off the market, or at least try and sue them. One can be assured, however, Enhanced Athlete won’t be going anywhere without a fight.