Francisco Domenech Proving His Prowess in Government Affairs

Born on April 29, 1978, in San Juan, Francisco Domenech is the Managing partner of Politank. Politank is a government affair law firm whose specialty is to develop strategies to represent private interests before governmental settings. The boutique bipartisan consulting firm is based in Puerto Rico. Their main aim at Politank is to help clients manage their serious public policy challenges that influence their businesses. See more of Francisco Domenech at Linkedin.

Francisco Domenech’s childhood years were partly spent in Ocala, Florida. Here, he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and later Forest High School. He after that undertook a degree in Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico. He further obtained his Juris Doctor from the same university. During his 1999-2000 academic year, Francisco was the president of the General Students’ Body Council. At his time in law school, Domenech also learned some comparative law from the University College London.

Before joining Politank, Francisco Domenech was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services in Puerto Rico, serving from 2005 to 2008. During his tenure at the Legislative Assembly, which is the resident equivalent of the US Congress’ Congressional Research Service, he expanded the services offered by the Legislative Library. Among his most notable services was providing access to the visually impaired and the physically disabled. His list of achievements is endless, having also participated heavily in consideration of hundreds of legislation.

Francisco managed a yearly budget of $11 million and surprisingly turned surpluses over the three years of his service at the Legislative arm. Prior to his position at the agency, Francisco Domenech served as the Public Relations Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel, managing all in-house counsel work. He represented the Senate’s interests in the courts and also supervised Senate’s outside counsel.

Mr. Domenech’s career in the government affairs field has been intense. He has actively represented the Young Democrats of America, serving as a member of the Democratic National Committee between 2007 to 2012. In 2008, he served as the Deputy campaign manager in Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico. In a “40 Under 40” event held in Puerto Rico in 2016, Francisco Domenech was among those who received the most votes in the annual event which highlights Puerto Rico’s most exemplary entrepreneurs and young professionals.

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