Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali Investment of A Lifetime

Recently it was introduced in the media that Freedom Checks are real thing. You may have heard of them or you may not have, however, Matt Badiali immediately made the introduction to the world. In one of his ads, he shows himself holding a check for $114,287. It’s no different than the check that you get from the IRS from an waiting tax refund. Many have asked how if these ads are a possible scam and simply write them off as something too good to be true. Most find it hard to believe that the government is writing large checks two individuals and don’t see how it’s possible. There’s a lot of confusion around Freedom Checks and most of it is because they are misunderstood.

They might even question Matt Badiali and the integrity of his ads or his credibility. First of all, Badiali has a background in geology and as a financial analyst. He went to school at Penn State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree and studied Earth Sciences. From that point on, Matt moved to Florida Atlantic University getting a Masters of Science in Biology. His extensive work has taken him all across the country. While there he has spoken to experts and see firsthand the wells and mines in Haiti, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and Iraq. As a geologist, his training has allowed him to interview CEOs with knowledge on their level. This way he always understood and learned the facts about the Freedom Checks investment right from the source.

It should be noted that the actual check does not come from the government it’s actually a private check. To understand Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali spent years studying the natural resources industry all over the world. He has conducted interviews with experts working in areas such as agriculture, energy and mining. He has literally worked hands on when it comes to large drilling rigs all in an effort to explore the managing of the oil wells in the mine shafts that he owns. To his benefit he has managed to turn these investments into profitable ones on a long-term and short-term basis.

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