From Mom and Pop to Global Contender. A Look at OSI Group

When it comes to global food providers, OSI Group has risen to the top of the chain, becoming one of the largest companies in the industry. With over 20,000 employees in numerous facilities across the globe, OSI Group has come a long way from its meager start to becoming a major corporation providing food solutions globally.

OSI Group’s long journey dates back to the very beginning of the 20th century starting with Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Chicago, Illinois. Back then Chicago was a central hub for industry and immigrants looking to make a new start.

After only having been in the United States for just 2 years, Kolschowsky opened a small meat shop in 1909. Following the end of World War I, Kolschowsky garnered enough business to be able to move into wholesale and thus expanded the into other areas of Chicago. A decade later the business was rebranded and became Otto & Sons and would be known as such for decades more.

Otto & Sons would later go on to become the first suppliers for the McDonald’s franchise, supplying fresh ground beef. This was surely a beginning of things to come as the then newborn McDonald’s franchise was an ever-growing company with new restaurants sprouting up constantly. Supplying the McDonald’s chain soon thereafter became Otto & Sons’ main focus.

Following the next couple of decades, Otto & Sons later transitioned into what is now OSI Group as rapid advances in technology were made and food distribution practices changed. Due to the rapid expansion of the company, it was necessary to rebrand themselves once again to a more suitable name that represented the core aspects of their business.

Since then the company has expanded and continues to do so in this modern day and age gaining global recognition. Ranking at #58 on Forbes list of the largest privately-owned companies, this makes them one of the largest corporations within the United States.

OSI Group clearly has a rich history of innovation and determination, growing from a small meat shop to a global corporation.