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Serial entrepreneur Greg Aziz wows the railroad world with his tremendous presence as an exemplary leader and a drive for incomparable excellence. His capacity as CEO of National Express Group – a top producer of railcars – has been a driving force in the company’s growth, broadening to many emerging markets.


The latest news from brings to light an exciting collaboration between National Express Group and SMBC Rail Services, a premier railcar leasing company. Bringing their respective areas of expertise together, this brand-new alliance with the SMBC Rail Services offers North American customers access to premium-grade railcars. As Greg Aziz explains, it allows National Express Group to establish its status as a reliable and progressive trailblazer.

Greg Aziz: A Visionary Leader in the Railroad Industry.

Greg Aziz has been a tremendous asset to National Express Group. His leadership has enabled significant accomplishments, such as the fabrication of more than 12,500 rail cars each year and the formation of many jobs for skilled laborers. A strong believer in investing in personnel, technology, and construction to cultivate lasting prosperity and gain, Aziz stresses the importance of these assets.


Business leader Greg Aziz’s dedication to exceptional standards has been acknowledged in various ways. National Express Group has been proud to receive the TTX SECO award for continuing to provide the superior quality of any manufacturer in North America and being known for being a top producer of safe railcars.


To sum it up, Greg Aziz has established himself as a forward-thinking leader who has steered National Express Group to the top of the railroad sphere. His dedication to excellence, freshness of ideas, and thorough customer care have earned him a reputation as one of the most revered moguls in the industry. His cooperation with SMBC Rail Services further highlights his knack for strategic thinking and leadership that propels National Express Group’s growth.