Gareth Henry On Diversifying Portfolios

Gareth Henry is a finance professional based in New York. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in actuarial mathematics at the University of Heriot Watt, in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2000, the same year he received his degree, Mr. Henry started his career in Schroders, a global investment firm. He then moved to the United States and joined the first hedge fund to ever do an Initial Public Offering (IPO), Fortress Investment Group, and later became the managing director of the company, a position he held until 2016. His work included responsibilities such as overseeing the marketing of the company is the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to managing and overseeing the marketing in the above-mentioned regions, Gareth Henry also oversaw the pensions funds and insurance relations. Prior to this, he was also the head of investments at the firm Angelo Gordon. Visit Business People at

From 2016, Mr. Henry has been working for the company Investor Relations, his title being Global Head. In recent years, Mr. Henry has been noticed for his thoughts on the traditional equity investment idea, compared to hedge funds. Through his current and previous positions as a liaison and bond between managers of assets and funds, with their investors, Gareth Henry has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. He defends the increase in investments in non-traditional and non-correlated projects in a funds portfolio.

Mr. Gareth Henry uses his scientific and mathematical background to understand this new and recent approach taken by hedge fund managers. With his talent in mathematics, he studies risk/return challenges in depth. There is a recent change in the way many hedge fund managers invest, and it involves acquiring more diverse portfolios, something Mr. Henry encourages. Hedge funds have pros and cons like anything else, but a very visible one is how this kind of funds manage to stay way above water during hard times and financial crisis. Another side to them that might be perceived by some as a con, is that when the stock market is doing well, hedge funds lose the ability to outperform the rest of the market. The Global Head of Investor Relations says this points to the advantage of diversifying and looking at non-traditional goals of investments. Read more: