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Gary McGaghey is the founder of Williams Lea Tag, a private equity firm that specializes in sourcing, investing and managing leveraged buy-outs. He is also an adjunct professor at the Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School teaching private equity. McGaghey has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University with a double major in economics and history, as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In this interview with The Pitch’s Dan Lichtberg about his latest book “The Private Equity Playbook,” McGaghey talks about how private equity can be used to help businesses grow into long-term successes without sacrificing current returns or profits. He also offers tips for business owners about when and how private equity investments can help turn around failing companies and boost profits. McGaghey shares how he came to be involved in the private equity business, how his company is structured, and what investors should know before they engage in this form of investing.

Gary McGaghey also talks about the role private equity plays in the globalization of business and how companies are becoming more dependent on international investments. He says that this trend will have far-reaching implications for financial markets in the coming years. McGaghey also talks about the need for investors to focus more on investment returns and less on traditional business metrics to help ensure success in the private equity industry.

In addition, McGaghey discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using private equity for investment purposes and goes over the basic mechanisms that are used to structure private equity investments. He also offers tips for businesses on how to find but avoid investing in bad deals.

Gary McGaghey ends his interview discussing the benefits of raising capital in the form of a private equity investment as well as examining what people are doing wrong when it comes to using this capital source. He looks at both traditional and alternative methods of raising funds and offers advice on how best to make decisions about which funding sources is appropriate for your company or venture. More to read from Gary McGaghey on