Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

The founder is optimistic about the future of his project. He has much to look forward to in the future and he is sure that TRON’s value will grow exponentially. Everyone loves entertainment and it is clear that decentralized entertainment will be the future of content creation.

Justin Sun believes that he can make a difference in the blockchain world. His focus on entertainment is going to strengthen his brand and attract more partners from his industry. The entire TRON project is dedicated to making a difference in the entertainment industry but it is also looking for ways to aid people in their daily lives as well. People are finally aware that blockchain and cryptocurrency are not only for transferring money, but it can be a tool for everyday transactions.

TRON processes and stores data on the blockchain. With the help of the BTFS (Blockchain-based Trusted File System) technology and other advances, this is an integrated ecosystem for the entertainment industry. The platform is looking to change the way people watch video content. Viewers are given complete control over what they watch and how they view it. It is all geared towards making sure that viewers get a better experience while also ensuring that they have more options than ever before.

The TRON network is all about decentralization and it is working toward improving entertainment while also providing a means of monetization. Justin Sun believes that he has the power to make blockchain technology mainstream in the entertainment industry and he is working hard to do so. Justin Sun has been part of many projects and this one is no different as it is all about changing the world around him. The future looks bright for TRON as it has been gaining momentum with each passing day.