Brian McDaniel

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In a piece of work published in April of 2023 on about the Pacific National Industries exoneration. Within this piece Greg Aziz advised that the FRA has concerns that relate to the train creation. The railroad industry leader also advised that they are working to make sure that the future railroads go through all options to confirm safety concerns.


Also, to understand potential risks to safety when it comes to going through new train builds. Making changes to the distribution of power, configurations and other possible factors as the business leader Greg Aziz recalls. Showing a concern for the employees’ safety, the production of the build and how power is placed.

Railroad Industry Leader Greg Aziz

In this expression, Greg Aziz expresses understanding of the safety concerns when it comes to the risks with these train builds. His expression of concern shows empathy for those working on the builds and their families. Today, businesses seem to be so concerned about the bottom line that they frequently forget to express their concerns for the employees and their families. 


This can create a disconnect between the company and consumers. It’s a breath of fresh air to see Aziz show that care. The freight car manufacturing business leader continues to express the company’s concern for those affected by the derailment and offers any assistance that may be needed. This showing of empathy from the leader Greg Aziz regains our faith in the company and their future builds.