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Building a successful business in the railcar industry requires harnessing the skills of an intelligent team, with strategic marketing also coming in handy for creating a solid foundation for long-term growth. These are principles that Greg Aziz understands, with his rail company focused on developing effective engineering solutions to meet customers’ ever-changing demands.


Greg Aziz and his team pride themselves on pushing the engineering limits, with the company currently holding 350 patented designs. Technology is also at the helm of the firm’s operations, with automation processes taking center stage in the production facilities. The company owns numerous equipment and manufacturing robotics that have come in handy for precise welding. 

Greg Aziz: A Visionary Leader in the Railroad Industry

This has been instrumental in helping the company create luxurious and unique designs, with their products scooping up awards for their innovation across well-recognized boards in the public transportation sector. It has also allowed the company to cut production costs, increasing the profit margins even further. According to Greg Aziz, a well-crafted marketing plan has also allowed the firm to scale well above its competitors. 


The company’s unique products are, without a doubt, their essential selling points. The pricing for the products is based on elements such as the competitors’ prices, the cost of production, and the intended markup. Greg Aziz adds that these components allow the marketing team to effectively strategize factors such as the promotion channels, with the company utilizing online platforms such as social media to reach its target audience.


Aziz and his team also utilize a customized marketing strategy to serve their clients. Their designs often focus on each customer’s needs, allowing them to tailor specific solutions for each problem. Customers can get personalized input from the marketing, engineering, and manufacturing teams. Greg Aziz comments how the marketing personnel also offer consultative follow-ups, ensuring the products meet customer expectations. Precision in engineering solutions combined with adopting a customer-centric approach remains a significant part of the company, which has helped the firm set the blueprint for a successful railcar company.