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Three other minority-owned businesses contributed to the acquisition of the Happy Joe’s franchise. One of the first companies to include a person of color in a leadership role was Happy Joe SMS OpCo, LLC. In 1998, the business had its start. This sets them apart from similar franchises on the market. They’re mainly focusing on communities in Texas, where minorities make up at least 40% of the population. 


Communities like Arlington, Cedar Hill, and Grand Prairie are included. McBride and his two partners ran a successful business out of McBride’s house for several years. They won sporting events, spent quality time with their families, and entertained guests at dinner parties during that period. Concerning Happy Joe´s, the cities on both sides of the border play a significant role in the plot.                                  Happy Joe's Gourmet Pizza & Ice Cream


The band’s origin in the Lone Star State is significant to them. In 1972, Joe Witty opened the first Happy Joe’s American Pizza and Ice Cream parlor in Davenport, Iowa (LinkedIn). 


Joe is thinking about buying a franchise so that he may expand his business across the Midwest. The logo is a picture of a pizza with pork and sausage seasoned with taco seasoning, refried bean sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes on top. Besides our renowned hand-dipped ice cream, at Happy Joe´s we also offer a wide selection of pasta, salads, and gourmet sandwiches.

Also, salads in various serving sizes.  Every consumer interaction with Happy Joe’s American pizza parlor should leave a lasting impression. Having businesswomen, military veterans, and members of other marginalized groups as customers helps raise attention to these issues. As part of our duties, we ensure that foreigners who travel here enjoy their time here as much as possible.