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There has been a perception that the smaller organizations in the business sector have suffered some huge losses during a pandemic. In fact, data shows that a significant number of the smaller entities that have been in the business world for less than three years have already collapsed. Those that are currently operating are only breaking even while others have been absorbing losses for more than one year. Haroldo Jacobovicz is one of the few business leaders who understand why such organizations have been collapsing.

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According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, smaller organizations do not conduct market forecasting. This means that they do not have the most appropriate strategies that can help to address some of the major problems that they will be experiencing in the future. This does not mean that the larger organizations had anticipated the outbreak of a pandemic. However, the strategies that these organizations have incorporated have helped in reducing the potential losses they would have faced and more

Another important issue that Haroldo Jacobovicz has noted from the startup companies is that they have not diversified their investments. This means that they have a very shallow operational area in the market. As such, these organizations have not distributed their risks, which explains why such companies have been struggling to maintain their operations in the market. It is also worth indicating that these companies have not been getting increased returns because they have not built some major investments.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is also highly interested in ensuring that the smaller companies are aware of what is happening in, the larger market so that they can be prepared in the future. He indicates the use of industrial technology as an important factor that such companies should be using if they are willing to handle most of the operational issues in the market. This is the only way such companies will achieve their needs.

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