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In 2020, Health Carousel was recognized as an employment practices firm. The reputable staffing agency is a leader in human resource management and is a leading provider of domestic and international flying nurses and foreign medical professionals. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) rank the business among the top 17 fastest-growing US employment agencies in the health sector. As a result of the expertise shown throughout the company’s processes, it has won several honors from industry organizations, including the Best of Staffing Diamond Award from ClearyRated.

Health Carousel has recently revealed that they have been recertified as a Certified Ethical recruiting Firm for hiring healthcare workers with international training. The Alliance reviews health workers who have worked with Health Carousel for Ethical International Recruitment Practices before they are recertified. The Alliance, a branch of CGFNS International, Inc. (an immigration-neutral non-profit that assesses nursing and related health abilities globally), evaluates audits, interviews, and questionnaires. The Alliance department gathers data demonstrating the employment firm’s commitment to openness, ethics, and accountability throughout the hiring process. The staffing agency must follow all applicable laws and regulations and verify all healthcare workers’ credentials.

Healthcare workers Health Carousel hires will be subject to ongoing training and Alliance supervision. The director of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, Mukul Bakhshi, weighed in on the recertification of the ethical recruitment firm, praising them for sticking to the code and ensuring they support health professional development programs around the world. The Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices promotes compliance with standards that advocate responsible, ethical, and transparent recruitment practices in the healthcare sector. Health Carousel’s CEO, John Sebastian, said that the company’s renewal of its Alliance accreditation demonstrates its continued dedication to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. John also mentioned that the group is collaborating with the Slave-Free Alliance and Ethisphere’s Business Ethics Leadership Alliance to set a precedent in the business world.

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