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According to HomeOwners Alliance and Reallymoving data, the final Friday in August is the UK’s most popular day for home moves. The numbers are clear and they speak for themselves, with a whopping 5,500 moves expected this Friday. In perspective, that’s almost four times the usual daily average of 1,400 moves across the country.


Nick Millican, a notable figure in the real estate realm, chimes in on this phenomenon. He rightly points out that the long summer bank holiday weekend plays a pivotal role in this trend’s popularity. It offers movers an extended window to settle into their new abodes before the hustle and bustle of school and work routines resume for families as the housing expert recalls.


But what about mover preferences?


Well, August emerges as the reigning champion as the busiest month for home moves, with a significant 11.7% of all owner-occupier moves occurring during this sunny season. Furthermore, Fridays reign supreme as the chosen day for moving, with almost a third of all moves happening when the weekend is just around the corner. Looking ahead, the next day to watch for bustling moving activity is none other than the final Friday in September, just a month away from our highlighted date (Facebook).


Yet, here’s the savvy bit: For those blessed with schedule flexibility, there’s a golden opportunity to shave off some moving expenses by picking quieter days. Surprisingly, about one in five removal firms have indicated a willingness to haggle over prices on days with less traffic. Nick Millican also underscores the potential for households to take charge of their removal costs by shifting during less congested times. 

However, he notes that this might require negotiation with others involved, facilitated through a conveyancer, as Nick Millican finally states. To wrap it up, the data shows that February and January are the least popular months for moving, and if you’re seeking peace and tranquility, Sunday is the quietest day of the week, closely followed by the serene Tuesdays.