How Entrepreneur Arthur Becker Found Success In Several Industries

Arthur Becker is the owner and Managing Member of Madison Partners, a New York City investment firm. Arthur invests in real estate and pharmaceutical startups. He has over $500 million invested in New York real estate and additional holding in Miami, Florida. His specialty is luxury residential properties which include condos and townhouses.

Before founding Madison Partners, Arthur Becker had careers in both the financial and technology industries. He achieved a great deal of success working for Bear Stearns, Inc. on Wall Street starting in 1988. In 1991 he joined with golfing legend Arnold Palmer and together thy successfully led a proxy contest which resulted in a new board being elected for the golf company ProGroup, Inc. Arthur Becker was named as Chairman of the Board of ProGroup, a role he served in until he sold the company in 1994. As an entrepreneur, he also founded another financial investment company, Advance Partners, LLC, as well as Atlantic Investors.

In the technology industry, Arthur Becker has led NaviSite which was an internet technology company. He was also the CEO and Chairman of Zinio which is the largest distributor of digital magazines in the world. in 2015 he stepped down from these roles but he remains on Zinio’s board.

In an article on Curbed, it was in 1969 that Arthur Becker earned his bachelor’s degree from Bennington College. He earned a degree in ceramics and photography as creating art has been a lifelong passion for him. He also attended the Amos Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. His art is on display in his Madison Partner offices. His work has also been publicly displayed at art galleries in both New York City as well as Palm Beach, Florida.

One of Arthur Becker’s latest real estate projects is taking place in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York. The value of the project is estimated at $52.5 million and will include 8 units, one of which will be a duplex. Usually, Arthur likes to stay in the background on his real estate investments but he decided to be the public face of this one as he fully owns it.

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