How Hussain Sajwani Scaled the Heights of the Real Estate Sector

Almost everyone knows the old saying ‘’ to get anywhere in life; you must begin from the bottom.’’ This is a wise saying. But as you dream of becoming a CEO, it can be difficult to imagine having a better future. Nevertheless, there are many advantages to beginning a small business as it offers many opportunities for experience. It will also mold you into becoming a serious professional. Just like in the case of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner, starting from the bottom shapes your career in the long run.

Early Life

Hussain Sajwani grew up in the Middle East. He spent most of his childhood years with his father, Ali Sajwani, who was the sole proprietor of a retail shop. As a toddler, he was quite inquisitive in matters of business. His father taught him how to be a leader at that young age. Also, he would manage the business every time his father travelled. And travel he did because most of the time, Ali would fly to China in search of commodities to sell. Because Hussain Sajwani spent most of his time with his father, he became a young business professional.


Hussain Sajwani first joined a medical school in Baghdad to pursue medicine, but he did not complete the course. He would later join the Washington University for a bachelor degree in economics. He was keen on acquiring knowledge and becoming a white collar employee. In fact, he aspired to work regular hours.


According to CNBC, Hussain Sajwani started his career at GASCO Limited, an oil company. He worked as a contracts manager and oversaw the contract’s department. But the DAMAC owner wanted to pursue business. Therefore, he started a catering company that served more than 2500 clients daily. That business was successful. He decided to establish another business but this time in the real estate industry. DAMAC Properties was born. The real estate firm is now a leading property developer in the Middle East.


Apart from being a revered real estate entrepreneur, the DAMAC owner is a philanthropist. In 2013, he donated 2 million AED to cloth needy children. As the owner of the largest property developer in the Middle East, Sajwani the DAMAC owner believes in corporate social responsibility.

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