How Katie Porter And End Citizens United Are Aiming For A Big 2018

The team at End Citizens United has been focused on the 2018 Congressional Election cycle for the past nearly two years. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working to bring about political enthusiasm and engagement from progressive voters around the country.

Their goal is to help support politicians who are aiming to reduce the impact of dark money in politics. The rise of Donald Trump and the intensity of the swampiness of D.C., as a result, has been a big motivation for ECU to get out and make something happen. Fortunately, there are many progressive politicians who are ready to stand up to the dark money flooding into Washington D.C. and Katie Porter in California is one of them.

Katie Porter is an attorney who has spent the majority of her career working to fight back against the dirtiness in Wall Street. Now she is running for California’s 45th Congressional District. Her focus has been on cultivating a campaign that embraces the enthusiasm that progressive voters have been harnessing during the ‘resistance’ movement while adding her own purity to the approach. Porter is making a remarkable departure from the traditional way that most politicians are running their campaigns. How is she doing this? Well, she has agreed to completely forego the acceptance of ANY donations for corporate political action committees. Porter’s goal is to be a campaign for the people, by the people and representative of the people.

Porter’s decision to forego corporate PAC money instantly put her on the radar of End Citizens United and Tiffany Muller, the leader of ECU. This led Porter and ECU to a connection whereupon End Citizens United offered their endorsement to Porter in her race against Mimi Walters. Mimi Walters, an establishment Republican, stands for everything that End Citizens United has been fighting against. Walters has made the Big Money 20 List which showcases politicians that are particularly beholden to special interests according to Walters will be harnessing a Koch-driven campaign filled with dark money in order to try and keep her special interests and corporate donors happy. While this has led to success for many politicians, President Donald Trump included, it looks like this won’t remain true. Walters has to deal with the rising tide of enthusiasm that is currently hoisting up all progressive candidates throughout California.

End Citizens United was established in response to the 2010 SCOTUS decision surrounding the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United is singlehandedly responsible for helping to get dark money flooding into Washington D.C. in order to buy off politicians and make crony capitalism a bigger problem than it has ever been before. People like Katie Porter and the team at End Citizens United are going to be necessary in order to get back to normal.

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