Brian McDaniel

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Quattro Development is a small, family-owned company that has been in business for over 20 years. The company’s focus is on commercial and industrial projects, but they also offer services to smaller residential or retail properties. Their knowledge and experiences are largely based on their understanding of the needs of the big-city lifestyle.

To grow the business, Quattro Development looked to expand its national footprint outside of their market area of Philadelphia, PA. They were able to accomplish this without having employees or an office outside of their home office.

The company manages its national footprint by using its team of contractors to serve as “local people,” mostly general contractors who understand the local requirements of each area they reach. These contractors are also responsible for finding subcontractors to assist them with each project.

The company also has a marketing team that helps to acquire new business contacts for their contractors, and their contacts are highly recognized in the industry. Quattro Development does not have salespeople; instead the marketing team is responsible for the creation and execution of new business relationships.

As a small business, Quattro has been able to expand its footprint by growing organically. This also has allowed them to maintain their focus on customer service as well as quality projects. The company saw the benefit of this approach as they were able to expand quickly through organic growth, without having to invest in marketing or sales. The focus was still on customer service and quality.

The company has also witnessed the benefits of leveraging their expertise in the commercial and industrial market with their experience in the residential market. This gave them a good working knowledge of both markets, which was particularly beneficial as they expanded outside of their home market and promoted their services nationally. When marketing their services nationally, the company has been able to promote themselves as a local development company, which is very beneficial for their customers in the short term.

The cost of closing out some of their business was also much lower than other national companies. Since they are not out to acquire new customers, they have been able to be selective about the projects they select and only closed out those that were unprofitable. Most of the growth for this company has been through word of mouth. They have not had to spend much on marketing which has given them a strong profit margin.