How Securus Technologies Has Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Securus Technologies; a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, monitoring, corrections, and public safety has received several praises from the customers who have benefited from its unique solutions. The customers have found Securus to be progressively innovative on the industry’s forefront. Its telephone system and the related investigative tools allow them use information collected from their jails. This information helps increase jail security and provides criminal intelligence that lead to the development of evidence crucial in several murder investigations. As a result, the customers are looking forward to more technological breakthroughs and similar awesome client specific services that they have been receiving. The commitment Securus has made to update the clients’ investigative tools has simplified their operations.


The stable calling platform that Securus has developed ensures that detainees can connect with their families while the investigative tools allow staff deal with issues of harassment or a potential threat to the safety of the community or facility. The clients also appreciate the opportunity to benefit from the information management solutions and innovative technology offered by Securus. They are encouraged to know that the company is committed to revolutionizing the correctional environment and continuously helping them improve public security in their jurisdiction. Most importantly, the THREADS and Location Based Services (LBS) are great tools to the correctional centers’ detectives.


With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and services that reaches over 3,500 public safety, correctional agencies, and law enforcements, Securus Technologies is committed to satisfy the customers’ needs through cutting-edge technologies. It has several patents and scores of technologists, innovative thinkers, engineers, and designers. Additionally, Securus connects friends and family to inmates, correctional personnel to crucial information, inmates to technology, investigative routes, and emergency responders and dispatcher to those in need. It serves more than 1.2 million inmates all over the United States.