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Hughes Marino is a commercial lease accounting firm redefining how people do business. With their passion for innovation, expertise in the ever-changing lease accounting market, and commitment to developing long-term relationships with clients, the representation firm is the leader in commercial lease accounting. Here’s a look at this cutting-edge firm and what it offers to its customers. 


 About Hughes Marino 

Kyle Harlan and Joshua Hughes 2005 founded Hughes Marino. Since then, they have grown into a leading full-service commercial lease accounting brokerage firm operating across several major cities in California. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses. Hughes Marino specializes in tenant representation, building purchases and sales, business expansion opportunities, leases of space for offices or warehouses, lease renewals and renegotiations, and advisory services related to city planning regulations.


Also, they specialize in asset management services to maximize value on investments, due diligence services associated with building purchases or leases, strategic planning and consulting services related to acquiring or selling properties or businesses. 


The Hughes-Marino Difference 

One of the key advantages offered by Hughes Marino is their emphasis on transparency throughout the entire process – from initial negotiation through closing/closing of transactions. They provide vigorous representation for their clients—protecting their interests and bottom lines—and strive to lessen surprises when it comes time to close a deal. In addition, at Hughes Marino they keep an experienced team of professionals working closely with each client every step of the way: attorneys specializing in various aspects of lease accounting law.


Also, Hughes Marino specializes in design architects familiar with local building codes; appraisers certified by multiple National boards; construction managers well versed in LEED principles. Also, landlords knowledgeable about market trends across various cities; financial advisors ready with creative solutions when conventional financing may not fit a client’s needs; sustainability experts who stay abreast of fluid global standards for green buildings—and more! 


In conclusion 

At Hughes Marino, you will get access to specialized teams combined with decades of experience that can make all your lease accounting deals successful. Their innovative approach allows them to offer personalized services based on deep knowledge throughout the entire process, from negotiations through closing/closing transactions, fast and efficiently. Moreover, their commitment to transparency makes them stand out from other firms while still providing excellent results that meet your desired goals!