Hussain Sajwani Redefines Property Development Standards with his DAMAC Properties

The development of the Middle East, especially Dubai and UAE, is the result of some visionary and brave entrepreneurs. Their hard work, thoughtful initiatives, and dedication made wonders in the Arabian deserts. Among them, one of the most prominent names is Hussain Sajwani who did some wonders in the real estate development sector of the region. He is the Founder cum Chairman of the leading property development company, DAMAC Properties. It is truly an inspiring story which Sajwani started from the scratches a few decades back and built his business empire with his passion and innovative thoughts.



Interestingly, DAMAC Properties offers a number of services in the real estate development and hospitality industries. The firm is known for luxury property development, property management, Hotel developments and management, and more. The firm is a major presence in the entire property development sector of the Middle East and also has a presence in London. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the company also offers retail as well as office space in the Middle East region. The firm is also known for collaborating with different international brands like Versace and Bugatti and offering co-branded real estate solutions that are known for supreme luxury.



Hussain Sajwani has a warm friendship with the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Their relationship began in 2013 when Trump International, the property development firm of Donald Trump, partnered with DAMAC Properties to establish a golf course under the Trump brand. The golf course was established inside DAMAC Hills, a residential and hospitality area developed by the group, under the supervision of Tiger Woods. The golf club opened in 2016, and since the partnership began, Trump and Sajwani became great friends. Interestingly, their friendship is transferred to other family members of both. When President Trump conducted a New Year party in 2017, after winning the Presidential election, Sajwani and family were special invitees to the event.



While coming to the career journey of Hussain Sajwani, he worked as a Contracts Manager at the oil firm, GASCO, after earning graduation from the prestigious University of Washington in the 1980s. Sajwani had deep thoughts of entrepreneurship from his college days, and he began pursuing it soon. In 1982, he set up his catering company and learned the tips and tricks of entrepreneurship. In the 1990s, Dubai’s real estate market saw a sudden expansion due to the relaxed policies of the government. Sajwani moved to the real estate sector and built numerous hotels to contain the growing demand.



In the year 2002, he put foundation stone for DAMAC Properties, and the rest is history. Currently, the firm has a significant presence in all the major cities in the region including Amman, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, Jeddah, and Beirut, apart from Dubai and London. The DAMAC owner spends a major portion of his wealth and time for charity initiatives. During the time Ramadan 2013, he offered AED 2 million in an attempt to supply clothes for the deprived children across the globe. The amount contributed by Sajwani helped to offer clothes to over 50,000 children.


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