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IM Academy is an international education technology company that offers online courses designed to teach people how to trade currencies. Its proprietary platform allows users to access course material anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices. The Forex Trading Academy offers courses for Forex, Advanced Forex, and Fundamental Forex Trading.

In 2013, Christopher Terry and Isis De la Torre launched  IM Academy, a new Forex education company designed to help people learn about Forex through easy-to-understand courses and videos. With nearly two million subscribers worldwide, the site provides access to hundreds of Forex tutorials, live classes, and video lectures. Each course can be taken individually or used to build one’s learning portfolio.

IM Academy prides itself on having a remote working model for their employees. The company can concentrate solely on recruiting great people by saving money on office and leasing costs. Because they operate remotely, they’re not restricted by geography, so they can hire anywhere in the world, freeing them up to focus on their educational mission. They’ve been able to do this because their remote working model allows them to save money on office space and lease costs. They can also avoid interrupting their work schedules due to emergencies such as the coronavirus outbreak.

IM Academy’s products include learning modules called academies which consist of four training sessions on the Academy’s website. The videos provide students with an introduction to the basics of forex trading, including how currency pairs relate to one another, how currencies move relative to one another, and what trading strategies can be used to profit from exchange rates. Students also learn about the importance of risk management when entering foreign exchange transactions and gain insight into online trading. In addition, they receive instruction on how to utilize live interactive teaching sessions to help them understand these fundamentals better.

Each course provides a set number of live sessions. Students can access these courses from any device, including mobile phones, tablets and computers. Courses include 13 languages and are held in varying schedules depending on your location. Go to this page for more information.

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