Infinity Group Australia Provides Financial Fitness For Its Clients

Working out can have many positive benefits. Those benefits can be multiplied if you have the help of a personal trainer every step of the way. Graeme Holm uses this as an analogy when describing what his company does for its clients. Their new and innovative approach have helped every single one of their clients to significantly reduce their debt. The name of this unique mortgage company is the Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia was co-founded by MPA Top 100 Broker Grame Holm and his partner in business and in life Rebecca Walker. Before they founded the Infinity Group Australia they spent approximately 6 months in the research and development to find out what the problems were with the currently existing Australian mortgage market. The pair of innovative entrepreneurs discovered that many things were missing from the way in which traditional mortgage businesses deal with their clients. There has not been any support, guidance, or ongoing services that actually help the clients resolve their debt.


This is where the couple discovered their niche. Grame Holm and Rebecca Walker decided to bring the concept of the personal trainer into the arena of finance. They did this by appointing a personal banker to each and every single client. This personal banker helps the clients to manage their finances in such a way that allows them to pay off their loans as quickly as possible. 100% of Infinity Group Australia’s clients have reported significant improvement in the reduction of their debt.


Clients of the Infinity Group Australia have been able to pay off a 30 year home loan in as little as 7-10 years. Graeme Holm has taken the experience of working in the financial industry of over 15 years and applied it to his own business. Infinity Group Australia provides their clients with continuous support that ensures the client’s financial success. Part of the success is due to the monthly report that the personal banker and the clients go over. The report is their so that they can see how they are progressing in the reduction of the debt.


Employees at Infinity Group Australia go in depth into the client’s household expenses. The company also gives its client’s detailed explanations of the difference between needs and wants. The client’s are also assisted in setting up a weekly cash budget for groceries, fuel, travel, and entertainment. Their philosophy is: “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it!” Learn more :