InnovaCare Health Services, Inc., Boasts 120 Years Of Experience Across Just Nine People

InnovaCare Health has really mixed up its C-suite’s roster over the past two years, reeling in three from two years ago and two from 2018.

Penelope Kokkinides first worked for InnovaCare Health, Inc., as its COO for about six years. She’s the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health at her second time around the block. Ms. Kokkinides brings expertise and familiarity with Medicaid and Medicare, two government programs given to disabled people and select others.

The Chief Accounting Officer, second of two “CAO’s” so far, is Michael J. Sortino. He most previously spent time at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company as its Controller. Before that, HCC Specialty took and kept him as his Chief Financial Officer.

As an insurance provider, InnovaCare has to employ actuaries, or people that assign likelihoods of certain events happening. Right now, Jonathan Meyers works for InnovaCare as its Chief Actuary Officer. Mr. Meyers once was a Director of Actuarial Services at a huge mobile carrier in the northeastern United States. Previous positions include the likes of Chief Actuary, Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President of Managed Care.

These staff changes came in 2015. The following two staff modifications were put into action halfway through 2018. Mr. Peter Zafris is a newcomer to InnovaCare as its Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The other hire is Frank Izquierdo, now the Vice President of the Development of Networks and the Creation of Corporate Contracts.

Both Izquierdo and Mr. Zafris have executive experience prior to being invited on board to the ship of InnovaCare Health. Mr. Izquierdo is also considered a master of plans provided by Medicare Advantage, which are known for bringing up to one-seventh more than their plain-Jane Medicare counterparts.

New Jersey gave birth to InnovaCare Health exactly 20 years ago. At roughly that same time, Dr. Richard Shinto was affiliated with the NAMM, or the North American Medical Management in California.

Dr. Shinto awarded himself the dual roles of President and Chief Executive Officer at the instant that InnovaCare was brought to the world.

Mr. Michael J. Sortino is the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare. Mr. Sortino is also a Certified Public Accountant.

The two central product offerings that Penelope Kokkinides brings to the proverbial table are Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage Programs. The former are distribution networks for insurance and beefed-up Medicare plans.