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Many people are conservative with their finances and are prudent with their investments as business expert Jason Hope states. They often lose out on potentially lucrative opportunities that could yield significant returns in the long run. Below, you will find five ways to have a better future. 


1) Share your knowledge in an area that interests you. It can diversify your income sources, build up your expertise, make contacts in business circles, and develop skills that you might need for the future. For Jason Hope, this has played a key role for his success both in life and business. 


 2) Invest early – research shows it is easier for younger people than older ones to accumulate enough wealth to self-sustain themselves if they invest today rather than tomorrow or next year.


 3) Avoid debt.  The less money you owe, the more wealth you will have in the future, business expert Jason Hope recalls.  When interest rates are low, it is the best time to borrow and get into investments that can pay for themselves faster than paying off debt. 


Jason Hope: Founder of Crayon Technologies

4) Increase your income. If you want your money to work for you, it needs to make more. You can do this by being a great employee or entrepreneur and educating yourself about all aspects of business and investing. 


5) Learn.  Continuous learning is the key to success, regardless of how old you are. Jason Hope explains how you can learn from many sources, such as books, seminars, online resources, and experience.

Above all, go into life with a winning attitude, know that you are unique, and never give up on something that matters to you. Keep pushing yourself to breakpoints where you feel like giving up but never do. Persistence is the real thing that yields results in the long run. Jason Hope finally adds: if you believe in something strongly enough and put your heart into it, people notice, and opportunities will come for you.