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Jason Hope is a philanthropist, businessman, investor, and educator focused on developing future leaders. He has written a book and published it in many journals on topics such as entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Jason Hope attended W.P school of business and earned an MBA.


Jason Hope is known for his accurate prediction of future technologies, natural resources, universities and many people. Jason Hope is an opportunist and a potential problem solver. The investor is passionate about helping the less privileged using his insights. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, and his business background enables him to use it in today’s harsh economic realities.


Jason hope’s thought on the internet of things:


Biotechnology with Jason Hope


According to Jason Hope, the internet of things will be the next big thing after social media, mobile and cloud computing. It is going to change the way business is done. We are moving from wired internet to wireless internet and so on; this shows how fast technology is changing and how it will change in the future. Jason Hope believes that people will also use IoT to help with health-related issues; he has made predictions about which diseases will be eradicated in the future and how the IoT will help in that cause and increase longevity and better health. 


His research on longevity and anti-ageing and interest in SENS:


He has contributed much to SENS longevity research and has effectively helped advance that technology. Jason Hope is part of the team working on prolonging human life and creating an age-free world. Jason has made some predictions about how IoT could help advance that technology. 


Jason Hope’s vision of the future is to see a world where technology is used to help in the solving of humanity’s problems. He wants a world where people can live longer and healthier lives; he wants technology to be used more effectively in solving the world’s most daunting problems such as poverty, hunger, health issues, education and climate change, among others.