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Jason Hope has been at the forefront of a very exciting change in the world of global currency. This is the ongoing revolution of cryptocurrency. This strange phenomenon has quickly translated into an industry worth untold billions of dollars. It shows no signs of abating even as it continues to mutate in a wide variety of unexpected ways.


Cryptocurrency is an Evolving Phenomenon


This type of currency has developed very quickly and profitably over the past few years. As things stand, its popularity is more widespread and influential than ever as Jason Hope recalls. However, there are still a great many things that need to be explored and understood concerning cryptocurrency transactions and online commerce. This was recently underscored by a recent series of wild fluctuations in value. 

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Did China Oversee a Drop in Value?


Business leader Jason Hope and other cryptocurrencies experts believe that a recent global drop in value may have been initiated by China. This major drop occurred after the Chinese Banking Association issued a vastly influential statement on their website. This was a pronouncement that discouraged financial institutions from using digital currencies.


The activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope explains that the main reason given was the extreme volatility of this type of currency. However, he adds, this has long been known to the public and business owners worldwide (Valor). 


Jason Hope and others continue to point to evidence that this is far from the end of cryptocurrency. Experts such as the business futurologist refuse to concede that a drop in Bitcoin value signals the death of an evolving phenomenon. The future for this type of currency is, in fact, only now unfolding.