JD.com Honored By CNCF For Their Active Role In Open Source Technology


Over the years, JD.com has been working towards ensuring that their service delivery is more efficient through the use of technology. Since JD.com was able to create a cloud warehouse management system, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) awarded JD.com the Top End User Award. The firm was granted the award at the first KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference that was held in China. Many technologists attended the meeting, and they were able to talk more about the development and future of open source technology.


About JD.com

For JD.com to provide their clients with suitable e-commerce experience, the online retailer has been tasked with housing and processing large amounts of information at high speeds. For instance, five years’ ago, Jindong’s product database for their clients had only two billion images. At the moment, the product database for Jindong’s client’s houses more than one trillion images and the figure always increases with approximately 100 million images on a daily basis.

Initially, JD.com made use of containerized infrastructure before turning to the Kubernetes clusters. This move came about after the immense growth of Jingdong’s client base. By shifting to the Kubernetes clusters, Jingdong officially became a partner to CNCF, and their partnership has been growing stronger over the years. JD.com and CNCF have also been working together with the top developers, vendors, and end users. CNCF has also paved the way for Jingdong to witness the benefits that accrue from open source development.

In April, Jingdong became a part of CNCF’s governance board after becoming the company’s first platinum end-user member. Jingdong will play a key role in ensuring that they have shaped the future regarding the Foundation’s initiatives. JD’s commitment to open source brings forth many opportunities to other partners, retailers, and industries as a way of helping them to reduce costs, efficiency, and also ensure that their customer service is top notch.

The Jingdong Kubernetes clusters also support AI-based and big data applications. Jingdong has also been part of projects such as Prometheus, CNI (Container Networking Interface), Vitess, Kubernetes, and Helm. JD.com played an active role in these projects’ courtesy of their partnership with CNCF. Go Here to learn more.


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