Jeremy Goldstein Aids Fountain House Again

Over 70 years ago, Fountain House began helping those suffering from mental illness-related issues. Back then, the treatments and research lacked sufficient funding and support. Though the scientific community made countless advances since then, society maintains much of the stigma. The stigma around mental illness causes more harm than any condition.

It’s sad that people would forgo treatment because they’re afraid of public opinion. While society’s understanding of mental illness changed, the negativity and judgment remain. Fountain House’s new mission is removing that stigma and opening the door for those who are too scared to speak up.

Helping Fountain House in their mission is Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent New York attorney. Though Goldstein works with many charities in the Metro New York area, Fountain House holds a special place in his heart. He even joined the organization’s Board of Directors in 2010.

Early this year, Goldstein invited some of his fellow board members as well as some of New York’s most prominent socialites to a luxurious wine dinner. On top of the NoMad Hotel, overlooking the New York skyline, Goldstein treated his guests to an elegant dinner and a flight of Chateau Latour wine vintages.

The dinner was so well-received; guests wanted him to host another at some point. Goldstein surprised everyone when he agreed to host a second fund-raising dinner later that month. Their first dinner raised over $33,000; the second raised $23,000, totaling over $56,000 that all went to Fountain House.

His money funded Fountain House’s employment program. Fountain House doesn’t just stop at getting people the psychological help they need. They go the extra mile and make sure that these people can get their lives back; part of that is employment after treatment.


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